Bridal Trends 2018 & Beyond

As the US finally starts to heat up and Mother’s Day shopping essentially over here at Dare, we start to focus on the next season. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re headed into winter. But what about our friends up north?

This time of year generally means wedding season for us here at Dare to Style. When a Prince is getting married, even more so. We expect the Royal Wedding to set new style trends for the next 2-3 years. While we may not know what that will look like yet (although we may have a clue), we’re definitely excited for what Meghan Markle will wear and what it means to brides this year and next.

Wedding Necklaces

One of the biggest, most important trends we’ve seen over the past few years is the personalisation and individual style shown by our brides in their choice of wedding necklaces. We’ve seen: back necklaces, over-sized necklaces and a huge rise in tiered necklace purchases.

Back necklaces mirror the rise in backless dresses. Brides who want to wear the hottest backless dresses are often opting to bejewel their bare backs with long, swooping backlaces.

If you follow bridal dress trends you’ve noticed more shoulder and a less-is-more minimalism. This trend is echoed across bridal jewellery with a strong emphasis on pieces that accent but don’t draw a huge amount of attention.

Alternately, for brides who don’t follow the minimalism trends, others are opting for thick, heavy necklaces that make a strong, gorgeous statement.

Cufflinks and …

Men’s jewellery trends are always seen in much smaller swings. Guys tend to pick something classic and not stray far from the expected. Show up, get married, party with your friends. That’s the gist, right?

Over the past few years we’ve seen men going away from this stoic simplistic approach. More often they are branching out into awesome accessories like wooden ties, fashionable watches, and, of course, personalised cuff links.

Traditional black/silver cuff links are still very fashionable for strong, old fashioned men. A modern metro-styled man may opt for colourful bars, occupation-styled links or even a bit of sparkle and flash.

And Markle’s Mark?

While most 2018 brides will have already sorted out much of their wardrobe by May, we expect the Royal wedding will drastically alter 2019. Will she opt for simplicity and elegance or grace and opulence? One hint may come from the recent past. Kate Middleton played it down with long sleeves and pristine elegance. Markle’s dress, if rumours are believed, will have half sleeves, heavily decorated and a lot of sheer material. The “imagined” image of her gown shows long, drooping earrings and we can’t wait to see that hair!

Brides tend to know the trends but make their own. We are excited to see how brides this year choose to interpret these trends and make them unique.

Brides – if you choose Dare jewellery for your wedding, we’d love to see photos! Tag them #daretostyle and we’ll see them on Instagram or Facebook.