2018’s Hottest Jewellery Trends

We at Dare to Style need to keep up on modern trends in jewellery and watches. To do this we examine Instagram & Pinterest trending lists, use Google Trends and other tools to help see what’s happening in the (real) world of fashion. It’s all well & good to go to fashion shows and see what sort of bacon people think is a dress this year but honest feedback from real people is much, much more important.

So what’s trending in 2018? Let’s find out!

Men’s Style

According to the Pinterest 100, “Monochrome is king: Tonal dressing reigns supreme keeping colors close, but not exact—think denim on denim, mixing neutrals or all black (saves for “monochrome” +289%)” Men are generally into monochrome colours anyways so we’re not sure this is a 2018 trend or an “until someone actually cares” trend but it’s worth digging into. We looked at the trends for denim and Pinterest got this one right. Searches for denim are also trending up since 2008.


Their second tidbit for men is for wardrobe enhancers: Cufflinks, pendants and rings are easy ways to complete a look or switch things up (searches for “men’s accessories” +201%).

We couldn’t agree more! You may notice an uptick in our men’s jewellery section lately, with arrowhead pendants, black tungsten carbide rings and custom cufflinks definitely on the rise.

Women’s Beauty Trends

Pinterest again gets it right with their data that shows: 50 shades of you: A wider range of skin tones are showing up in new shade-inclusive foundations (saves for “complexion matching” +378%)

Google trends agrees with a dramatic rise in the number of searches for complexion matching.

InStyle magazine also tells us that current jewellery & beauty trends include: hoop earrings, layered or pendant necklaces and multiple ring sets. Google couldn’t agree more with pendants on a steady climb since 2008:

While hoop earrings make a much more recent upturn only since 2016.

Watch Trends 2018

So look, you’d have to be blind to miss the wood watch trend that’s happening over the past few years. It’s so prolific that we have an entire category dedicated to wooden watches in our shop. 

But what else is cool & new?

For women, bracelet watches are making a huge comeback and for both men and women, stainless mesh band watches are huge right now. While we will continue to offer the minimalist NATO band watches and other recent trendy watches, look out for these mesh bands and bracelet watches as we add more to our expanding collection.

Minimalism is still a very aggressive trend in all jewellery & watches are no exception.


So what have you noticed trending in your world? Let us know what products you’d like to see on the shop and we’ll do our best to find a way to bring them to you.