Fashion vs Fine Jewellery

Fine vs Fashion

First, let’s get technical. Fine jewellery is made of precious metals – gold, silver, titanium, palladium and platinum – and decorated with diamonds, pearls and the highest quality gemstones. Fashion jewellery is made of anything else that can be turned into jewellery including wood, fabric, glass, zinc, resin, copper, brass, silicone and plastic. Beads are a mainstay of many fashion accessories and crystal (which is lead filled glass) has become popular of late with brands such as Swarovski making shiny glass sound much nicer than “glass.”

And what about the gems, jewels and pearls associated with the jewellery? It depends.

  • Freshwater Pearls with a 14 kt clasp is classified as Fine Jewellery but
  • Freshwater Pearls with a gold-plated brass clasp is classified as Fashion Jewellery.

We attempt to label every piece we sell as either fine or fashion jewellery so you know which you are buying.

Why Buy Fashion Jewellery?

Once you know the difference, this question may pop to mind. Why would anyone buy anything but fine jewellery if it’s made of “better” materials.

Better, however, isn’t that clear cut. If you want a comfortable strap for your smartwatch you probably want silicone – thus making your smartwatch “fashion” jewellery. It’s the best choice for this purpose, though. We find that fashion jewellery are our best sellers for a number of reasons.


  1. Price – Clearly fine jewellery costs more. 925 silver, 24 / 18 kt gold and titanium rings are expensive compared to fashion jewellery from zinc alloy. Diamonds obviously cost a great deal more than rhinestone, cubic zirconia or crystal.
  2. Usage – An “everyday” piece may be worth spending $500+ for a set of earrings but that fun, cute pair you wear once a month – is it really worth it based on how you intend to use it? Maybe not. $25 for the same look could be a better hit with your coworkers and your wallet.
  3. Taste – Some people prefer crystal as it gleams better at a much lower cost than high-priced alternatives. A high-quality diamond may “win” but at 100x or 1000x the cost many women believe they can show off their personality and unique taste with a simpler item.
  4. Environmental Concerns – Saltwater pearls are formed in just 1 in 10,000 oysters and their cultivation has led to the destruction of many natural oyster habitats as their price has ensured harvesters don’t care as much about the oyster as the pearl. Freshwater pearls and imitation pearls are environmentally-friendlier alternatives. If you’re a vegan or concerned with the welfare of freshwater oysters, only imitation will do.

Is Fashion Jewellery “Fake”?


If you’re expecting a 24 kt solid gold necklace chain and a dishonest seller sends you a gold-plated, thin piece of “fashion” jewellery then yes.

As you know by reading the rest of our website, we’re committed to honest sales. If something is fashion, we tell you. If it’s going to take a month to arrive, we tell you. We sell fashion jewellery because there’s we see a HUGE market for women who are interested in how the piece looks not how much she can tell her friends it’s worth. Some of our customers are concerned that their jewellery will look fake or like toys. We suggest checking each product for reviews as many customers leave images of their purchase including packaging and how it looks on them. We also include model with jewellery photos as often as possible to allow you to see what it looks like on a real person.

Many people value their jewellery based on its weight. To us, this is like going into an open house and banging on the wall. You don’t really know what you’re looking for so you go on what feels right. You want to know about a home’s features not what it sounds like when you hit it.

Do you know why people check the weight of their Rolex? The real deal is made of solid heavy metals such as gold. Gold is very heavy and imitation/plated Rolex fakes are less than half the weight of a genuine one. In this case, we suggest weighing the item to know the difference. But for a cute pendant necklace weight literally has no meaning.

We’ll give you a hint: this is not a Rolex.