Three friends, three skill sets and three separate visions for what we could be.

Then a revolutionary business changed everything. We caught a world-famous brand charging almost $300 for an item that we could source from one of our suppliers for just $8.

What seemed outrageous at the time gave us a spark and an idea: we could dramatically undersell these guys without hurting anyone. Their customers don’t want our products even though they come from the exact same factory and we charge 10-15% of what they do. Our customers are after a value – the feeling of wearing a $500 piece of jewellery they bought for $50. (See our friends who sell Love Henry baby clothes for more collections like ours.)

The idea for Dare was born. Our promise is simple: we won’t charge you $300 for an $8 item. It’s not fair and the only reason you’d ever buy it is because you don’t know it was sourced for $8 from the same factory as ours. (As an aside, we do offer this exact same item. We charge $20 because with along with free shipping & overheads, it allows us to keep our virtual doors open longer.)

We’re not going to put down other companies and name/shame the people behind them but we will take them on by offering you the best jewellery at the best prices. Jewellery is known for its 20x-40x markups and we think there’s a better way.