Factory Direct Shipping

When will my item arrive?

Now, let’s be honest. “Factory Direct” is both amazingly good and potentially bad. Let’s look at what it means, why we do it and how it is great (and sometimes not.)

What is Factory Direct

What we do is source products that are insanely cool and we think you’ll want to own. These come from manufacturers all around the world from Greece & Italy to China, Australia and just about anywhere.

We then put the product for sale on our website and when you buy it, order your product directly from the factory. They send the product directly to you and we never touch it here, saving you a lot in packaging, shipping and all sorts of costs. 

Why Use Factory Direct

There are two main reasons why this type of shop exists.

  1. It’s much, much cheaper for you. If we had to store hundreds of copies of hundreds of products we would need warehouse space, big office and we’d need to pay employees in Australia at our higher-than-average wages. All of this would drastically increase the price of our products. A simple $19.95 chain would get an overhead cost of almost 50% on top and cost you nearly $30. That’s a big jump just to have it done here. 
  2. Speed of delivery. Now, we understand if you live around the corner from our office it would be faster for you to get your product if we held stock in a local warehouse. However, we ship to 30 countries around the world. It is significantly faster for 99.9% of our customers if the factory sends you the product directly. We don’t have to double-handle the order, we don’t have to repackage it or try to make it fancy so you love us. You want your item(s) and we want you to get them as fast as possible. This is why we also don’t delivery to countries like Brazil where the average wait time for parcels is over one month. That’s not acceptable service to us, so we don’t offer it at all.

What Are the Drawbacks of Factory Direct

Nothing is perfect. Almost every “pro” has a corresponding “con” somewhere. There are a few drawbacks to Factory Direct shipping.

  1. We don’t see the products before you do. In an ideal situation we could ensure everything was 101% perfect before you do so we never ship anything that is less than awesome. Sometimes, however, the factory may let things through that aren’t up to standard. We have created an extremely customer-friendly return policy to account for this. We know getting the wrong item, wrong size or something damaged after 2 weeks, having to return it, wait for the new one and maybe not have your final product for a month is super frustrating and we work with our suppliers to ensure this happens as infrequently as possible but yes, it does and will again happen.
  2. Shipping times can be less than ideal. If you want your new necklace for a party this weekend we are, unfortunately, the wrong company for you. Shipping times from the factories depend on which area of the world they’re coming from and which area you live in. China seems awful for our US customers. Greece seems terrible for our Australian ones. And even the US seems less than idea to our customers in Turkey or Korea. There’s very little we can do about this so we only use ePacket shipping, one of the fastest delivery services worldwide. We are also very clear with our customers that shipping may take longer than you’re used to for an online purchase. 

Hopefully by understanding everything about Factory Direct shipping you can understand why we have chosen to dropship items from the manufacturer to your door. We believe the pros outweigh the cons and would rather offer you great prices and a stellar return policy than higher prices and somewhat quicker shipping.